What do Girls Find Irritating in Guys – part two In this post we will continue with the mini questions I asked some of the girls I know – “What do Girls find Irritating in Guys?”

Note – you can read the previous post on this topic here

Lack of sense of humor – Even the bad dating advice have to agree with this one – sense of humor is always welcome! No matter where or when sense of humor is appreciated by all women! Ok, there are some places and times you shouldn’t really hit it with jokes and teases like funerals and airport security checks.

However – on the humor side – be careful not to sound too offensive which might be takes as rude. Always go lighthearted and you’ll make no mistake. I know David D says do it with serious face. However before you get good as David D be careful. Not to mention if you even consider his style.

Fake Confidence – No one likes fake people, except other fake people

Faking confidence is usually transparent to other people and especially visible to women. Guys who act (underline act) super confident are usually the ones classy women laugh at.

Nice guys – in the terms of pleasing every action of the woman even when she is clearly abusing them. Nothing bad being nice, however here we’re talking about the typical – “I give all my power to you although you don’t give me a dime of respect” type. Nice guys in that term freak women out (except the ones that abuse nice guys).

Showing off with more than he can handle/have – this goes with the Fake confidence. Getting way over themselves is tactic for the show offs.

A guy does that to impress his social circle and of course women. Impressing people with something like that rarely works (unless you’re with the bottom feeders which I hope you aren’t). Trying to impress women with your possessions and deeds by just stating them is not impressive. Not to mention if they are fake. I know sometimes people get the urge to say or do something over their ability. If you detect something as this happening in you – thing again before doing it. Might save you embarrassment.

Boring, non talkative – I have to say this is personal preference. Some women prefer the strong and silent type. Other women prefer a guy who can talk his way out of situations, including such created by her. However – being boring and being talkative are different things. You may speak the heck out of everything and still be exciting as river stone … in the river. Most easy way to not being boring is … to be funny (I know – I’m pure genius).

Seeking approval by compliments – You know those guys – they see pretty woman and they unleash compliments as no tomorrow! Usually women tend to filter those compliments if they are real or not. Most of the time they are just fodder that hopes to get in their pants. And does not succeeds. However if the girl is still inexperienced (means young, never had a serious boyfriend, lacks self confidence, have no direction in life) and the guy is  semi smooth – such compliments actually work. My advice is against that since it’s rather fake and non sincere.

Not to mention the girl will feel sad and disappointed by men afterwards. Don’t contribute to another girl stating all men are the same. Thank you!

And with this we end the mini analysis. Although the answers are rather chaotic for my liking you can see that there is pattern in all of them. And most of them do actually match with many dating advice out there. My advice is not to listen to what women say all of the time in terms of such advice but use it as indicator that might give a clue.

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