The topic of attraction is rather big. What attracts women?

There are many things, some of which are the same for all female out there and some of which completely different.

However there is one thing universal – a man confident and in control of himself.

This however can be difficult to show by pure content of words. This is inner feeling that vibes out of you. It radiates via your body behavior. And believe me, women are masters of reading this body language. Scientists have proven that women are genetically better in reading the cues your body signals (mostly unconscious). Also consider the fact that women train themselves in their games and activities from very young age. They are far superior in this body language theme than us men.

But fear not my friend, you can learn what they got by talent. And most importantly – you can learn what attracts women so you can implement it in your body language.

You have noticed how different people stances change in different environment right?

A person in new situation with unknown other people around him might stand and move differently than being before his friends in his house for example. While we men might not detect that outright women certainly does.

“But isn’t that deceiving?” – you might a ask. There is always that point of view, which can be said actually for everything you learn (and don’t have by the gene pool) in that life. Body language works both ways – when you take the stance and position that conveys confidence, you actually begin to feel more confident, thus the new thing becomes more natural to you. Like self boosting system. This works also for the negative body language. It reinforces negative feeling and locks on it. So learning this thing will have quite a few benefits, even detecting and breaking out of bad states!

To learn the 3 simple ways you can improve your attraction right now, go and check my article on what attracts women in your body language.

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