There is a lot of advice about how to win your ex boyfriend back, and it’s good advice, but wouldn’t you want to have your ex boyfriend want you back and approach you first instead of you approach him? There are ways to make him want you back that shockingly many women do not practice. Instead, they end up pushing their ex-boyfriend further away and make him not want them back.

Don’t let that be you! Learn how to make your ex see you for the prize that you are and want you back in his life – on his own terms.

Don’t Get Crazy!

This is the most common way that women drive their ex-boyfriends away forever. They lose control and call him twenty times n a row or start screaming and crying hysterically when the conversation was actually going pretty good. This is common because women express themselves more freely then men do. Women actually communicate their feelings in order to feel better and when they have to hold it all in it can come out in explosive bursts.

But men don’t react well to these explosive bursts. They find themselves scared of these crazy episodes and retreat further away from the female in order to avoid them. So if you want to avoid pushing a man away then keep your emotions in check and be the confident, easy-going, and likable women you were when you first met.

Work On Yourself Mentally

The woman (you) he broke up with has characteristics that he doesn’t want in his life; otherwise, he would be with you right now. You may have been too pushy, needy, whiny, or controlling. Only you know for sure. Now that you are broken up, you have an opportunity to work on yourself without him distracting you, and you should take it.

Personal development is essential to growing and moving forward in life. Personal development in regards to interacting with others is essential to having good relationships. It shouldn’t just be done because you want your ex boyfriend to want you back, but it should be done so that you can feel like a more balanced person.

Once you figure out your issues and improve upon them he will notice. He will see that you are a changed woman, or that you are starting to change, and he will see that the very thing that pushed him away does not seem to be there anymore. You can even meet up with him and tell him that you’ve been working on your issues. He will be impressed and see you in a new light.

Keep Up With Yourself Physically

Don’t let yourself go physically because of your emotions. Eat well, exercise, and get the sleep you need. Your ex will be attracted to you again because of past memories, bonds you share, and even your appearance. If you let yourself go then you may find that your ex will have back up reasons as to why he left you instead of reasons why he wants you back. It’s not shallow, it just is about attraction.

Don’t Stray To Complete Singlehood

If you want your ex to want you back then you can’t go out and become a single, crazy woman again! This will force him to see you in a light that he saw you in the beginning of your relationship, a care-free woman who isn’t a threat to his bachelorhood for life. You don’t want that! You want him to see you as a comfortable and long-term relationship woman who he longs for again. So keep your life in order. Be responsible, take care of money matters, and be an adult that he would want to be in a relationship with.

Remember that your goal in making him want you back is to make yourself as appealing as possible. A good attitude and the ability to take care of yourself will display that image and have him thinking about you in a new light.

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