Most couples that enjoy sexual relations will often be heard saying that «Make-up Sex» is the most fantastic sex ever.   Guys, and even girls, standing around the proverbial water cooler can be seen giving each other elbows saying, with a wink, «yes, we’ve been fighting, but we really MADE UP last night.»  Yes, make up sex is legendary.   But, have you ever stopped to wonder why?

For this discussion, we need to understand a couple of words.   First let’s discuss «love.»  I am not going to pretend to define it exactly as too many centuries of writers before me have given that a shot.   But, to be simple (and I am), love should be a relationship based upon trust and a mutual desire to share a life together.   Next, let’s say a «fight» is a hostile break in trust and communication.   Angry words are exchanged and usually some tears flow.

Ok.   What can cause a fight?   Perhaps a dark secret is revealed.

Perhaps a strong difference of opinion is raised that can change one person’s paradigm of the other.   In any case, trust is usually broken and feelings are raw.   However, there is hope.

For those who come out of this situation, there can be a greater and deeper feeling of trust.   And, you can feel understood!   Feeling that your mate has taken the time and effort to really understand you is remarkably disarming.   Having your feelings out there makes you vulnerable.

To see that the other takes care of them and is worthy of trust, makes you want to give and share in the deepest ways.   And, throw in any lingering adrenaline from a strong fight and WOW!   Now you want to aggressively satisfy your partner.   You want to do whatever will make him or her happy, and you do.   Just as he or she tries their best to do to the same for you.

Make up sex is raw passion.

It is give and take.   It is animalistic.   It is exhausting.   And afterwards, the cuddling is wonderful.   The exhaustion, the closeness, the feelings of having given yourself completely to another person all just makes for a magical moment.   As a matter of fact, if you are not too exhausted, it could just be a break to rest up for round two!   That should keep you both happy for at least twenty four hours and give you bragging rights at the water cooler.

Now, don’t take this as advice to pick a fight!   Remember, a fight is a break of trust, an attack and response.   A fight could go one of two ways.   There could be a scene like the ones described above.   Or, there could be a permanent split.   That is not the obvious objective.   However, if a fight occurs, listen.   Then, speak.   Then listen some more.   Whatever your mate is trying to express, no matter how poorly, is very important to them.   If you listen, you will learn.

And, take care of their feelings, despite your own.   That way, you can enjoy the rewards of Make Up Sex.

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