Make a Good Impression and Leave Him Wanting More!

Impress Him and Gain his Attraction

When you meet a guy you like you usually want to leave a lasting impression with him – a good impression! You want him to think about you before bed, in the morning, and everything in between. Essentially you want him to pursue you further, instead of moving onto another girl, right?

So there are things you can do to impress a guy and leave that impression with him for a long time to come. These are the things that he will like about you right away and he will remember through the course of your relationship.

5 Tips To Impress a Guy

1. Use Love at First Sight To Your Advantage

Love at first sight is a real thing! If you can remind them of someone that has made them feel good in their past then they may associate you with a loving feeling. This obviously isn’t an exact science because you don’t know their history in life, but there are some things you can do to make sure that you get associated with a positive moment and not a negative moment that is associated with hate at first sight.

Be positive
Have confidence in yourself
Help him out with something

Essentially, be the person that he would remember as someone who affected his life positively and your chances of him associating you with a loving moment will go up drastically!

2.   Be Real Around The Guy

If you like to eat your burrito fast and furious then do it! Don’t take little bites that are obviously not the way you eat just to impress a guy.

If he says the law of attraction is stupid and you believe in it then don’t agree with him and talk about how dumb it is!
If he makes fun of ‘What Not To Wear’ from TV and you happen to like the show then don’t agree with him that it sucks – either say nothing and move on or tell him how you feel.

The point is when you are not really being yourself your body language shows it. There’s a slight uncomfortable feeling that comes from you and there is a good chance that he will feel that from you and become uncomfortable himself.

Also, when you are not yourself you will not feel good about pretending to be someone else and that can come off as feeling negative – even in the slightest – which will not help you chances of impressing the guy.

So don’t start a war over a TV show you like, but be true to your ideas, habits, and personality.

3. Show Interest In His Interests

When a guy is talking to you he will be talking about stuff he knows. He can’t reach for information that isn’t in his head so he is probably talking about his interests, likes, beliefs, desires, wants, and experiences. In a nutshell he is talking about himself.

To make him feel good about himself and leave a good impression with him you can show you are interested by listening intently, responding appropriately, and carrying a conversation on the topic he started. This tactic alone will impress a guy enough to have him thinking about you for a while to come because everyone likes to feel as though what they say matters.

4. Ask Him Out on a Date

Want to really impress a guy? Then make the first move and ask him out! He won’t know what hit him.
Most guys are under a lot of pressure to ask girls out and that pressure makes them feel nervous and uncomfortable. He’s trying to think of what to say and whether or not you will reject him. If you take the pressure of his shoulders and ask him out then you will be a girl that he’s going to remember for a long time to come because not many ladies do that!

5. Stand Out From the Crowd

So many times it’s easier to fall in line with everyone around you, but the girls who get noticed are the ones who stand out from the crowd!

If everyone ignores a homeless person asking for change then be the one to break the mold and acknowledge him or her for the human they are. If everyone else makes fun of someone then be the one to stand up for that person.

Make yourself unique and stand out from the majority of the crowd, especially when you know that the majority is wrong!

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