Erectile dysfunction, or impotency, is a common condition among men! Some statistics show that about 5% of men go through erectile dysfunction before they even hit 40 years old and about 20% are dealing with the issue when they become 65.

The great thing is that erectile dysfunction is treatable and even curable!

But only a small percentage of men even try to treat their erectile dysfunction.

Instead of having to treat erectile dysfunction it may be wise to try and prevent it from occurring at all. Think now about your future penis health and you won’t have to go out and find a treatment or cure and suffer embarrassment and stress over the situation.

Medical Issues To Take Into Consideration When it Comes To Erectile Dysfunction

Because the real roots of Erectile Dysfunction lie with medical issues you can exercise some attention towards preventing those medical issues in the first place. Of course this improves your health around. Here are some diseases and conditions to take into consideration.

Obesity – If you are overweight then your chances of getting erectile dysfunction increase hugely! You need to take care of your weight and start eating better and exercising. If you have heard this a million times before then that’s only because it is so important for your health!

Being obese can lead to vascular diseases that can affect blood vessels. Blood not pumping to your penis is why erectile dysfunction occurs. Your penis needs blood pumped into it in order to get an erection. Vascular diseases make up about 70% of the causes of erectile dysfunction.

Since the roots of erectile dysfunction do lie in medical problems, a bit of caution here will go a long way in warding off the problem.

Diabetes – Another huge factor leading to erectile dysfunction is diabetes. Of course this has to do with your weight as well.

Take care to monitor your blood sugar levels and catch any issues early. If you find yourself reaching a dangerous level then take action to fix it! You want to have healthy blood sugar levels in order to have healthy blood vessels – and to prevent erectile dysfunction.

Some Lifestyle Changes To Start Making Right Now to Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

Create Balance 

Find a balance between work, play, nutrition, exercise, sleep, and everything else in your life. They are all equally important and they all should have a place in your routine and health.


Consume foods that have Vitamin E and Zinc in them. Vitamin E helps to increase the blood flow and zinc can help to increase the testosterone levels in the body. Arginine, an amino acid, can help to produce nitric oxide in the body that helps to keep blood vessels relaxed.

Studies show that Omega-3 fatty acids can help reduce the bad cholesterol levels of cholesterol levels which leads to lesser risk of cholesterol deposition inside arteries walls (atherosclerosis).

This dilatation (broadening) of arteries allows more blood to reach and enter every organ and gland of our body (including penis) and thus leads to better performance, strength and function. For the same reason, most male health supplements today do contain Omega-3 fatty acids as an essential component.


Water is so important for the body! The amount of things it does for our body is a whole other article in itself. Just remember that water is essential to boost all health habits that you may have.

Reduce Stress

Negative stress can really damage your health if you allow it to stay around too long. And if you are stressed you will find it hard to get an erection. Find relaxation techniques that help YOU relax and use them. Don’t take the negative health risks of stress lightly. Get your stress under control before it’s too late.

Stop Eating Bad Foods 

We all know what unhealthy foods are. They include junk food, processed foods, and all chemically made foods. Anything that makes you feel bad should be avoided instantly because that’s your body’s way of saying «This is not good for us!»

Avoid Drugs 

This INCLUDES smoking. All drugs and alcohol will have a negative effect on your body and smoking has a negative effect on your blood vessels and blood flow.

If you think you enjoy the drugs or alcohol you are wrong. Life is so much better when you are not covering up your true feelings and numbing the reality of it.

So remember that while curing erectile dysfunction is a possibility, it will work much better to prevent the problem. So keep the above tips in mind and keep erectile dysfunction at bay.

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