Most women have their orgasms through oral sex so this is something that you not only want to learn to please a woman but you have to learn to fully please a woman.

Unfortunately for you and for her there are also many things that can distract a woman from a pleasurable oral sex session and these distractions will not only shift her focus onto something else but they will make her orgasm unattainable if they remain around for too long.

So let’s talk about how to really please her orally and become a better lover and better your chances of getting her to an orgasm.

I’m going to talk about this backwards, starting with the orgasm and ending with the initial thought of giving her oral sex.

The First and Most Important Thing To Remember About Orgasms While Giving Her Oral Sex
The biggest thing you have to remember while giving oral sex to a woman is that you need to see it all the way through the orgasm. You have to be in it for the long haul.

If by chance you stop trying just before you give her an orgasm then you would technically have to start all over again! You quite literally have to actually build her back up to the peak point again from step one.

Women can’t just pick up where they left off and move forawrd into an orgasm but they instead have to refocus their attention and work themselves back up to it.

Even if you stop during the beginning of the orgasm you will cause her to have less of an orgasm than she could be having.

So make sure you are in it for the long haul. Sometimes it can take a minute for a woman to reach orgasm and other times it can take anywhere up to an hour.

Just know that all your hard work is appreciated.

Keep Her Focused During Oral Sex If you Want Her To Orgasm

The next thing to remember is that during the build up to the orgasm she has to be focused and in the moment.
If her mind wanders to anything else other than a fantasy or what you are doing to her, then her chances of reaching an orgasm has quickly decreased to about zero.

Women have a way of letting their minds think about the days tasks and tomorrows tasks. They even tend to think about what happened to them throughout the day more then men do.

When they start to distract themselves from sex it can be very hard to get back into the mood.

We will talk about it next but it’s worth mentioning right now that women need to use all of their senses to get in the mood and stay in the mood.

So don’t do anything that would distract her mind from what she is doing at the present moment with you.
This can include licking the places that don’t actually turn her on, moving from a spot that does turn her on to a spot that doesn’t turn her on, making gagging noises of any kind, humming and hawing about how long she is taking, asking her if she would give you head for a few minutes instead of continuing what you are doing, or anything else that you can think of that will distract her mind from what you are doing to her.

How can you keep her focused?

Make sure she hears you enjoying what you are doing and feels and sees you enjoying what you are doing if possible.
You can also find out what her fantasies are and talk to her appropriately to align with her fantasies.
For instance if she likes to be dominated you can talk to her like you are dominating her.

Whatever keeps her in the moment and in the sexual experience will work.

Getting Her in The Mood For Oral Sex

Lastly, or really the first thing you should be thinking about is you have to remember that if she is not in the mood to begin with then she will not be focused enough to enjoy the oral sex and reach orgasm.

So you need to get her in the mood and turned on for oral sex before you even attempt heading in that direction.
I would suggest to start getting her in the mood long before the actual act of sex is even going to take place.
Talk about what you would like to do to her and why you would like to do it.

Remind her of how good she feels when she get’s oral sex – this will get her mind remember it and her body reacting to it without you even having to touch her.

Make it a no sex pressure zone at the moment but with the excitement of what she will be feeling later on when you do have sex. This will allow her brain to work her body up to the point of being sexually aroused and ready to focus on oral sex.

So here’s the steps again from beginning to end this time.

Get in there after you have done the work to turn her whole body on, focus on your task so she can focus on hers, and see it through to the end.

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