Have you lost your ex boyfriend forever now that he has moved on?

Not necessarily. First take note that it’s not worth your while to mope around cry about it. That’s not going to get your ex boyfriend back. If you really want to take action towards getting him back then here are some quick and simple tips to follow – even if he has moved on with another woman and shows no more interest in you at all.

1. Convince him that he still wants you.

But don’t try to convince him that he wants you by calling him all the time and telling him so. Instead, show him what a great catch you are to him by being happy, having fun, and being someone that every guy wants to be around.

2. Be his friend.

If you are a really good friend to him then you are showing him that you are strong enough to handle the break up, move on with your life, and still be friends with him. He may admire that in you and eventually use it as one of the reasons he wants to get back together with you.

3. Be nice to him.

Don’t be mean and nasty with him. You have to be a positive and kind person to him with the same old independent spunk you had when you first met. This is what attracted him to you in the first place and chances are it can work again.

4.   Let relationships blossom if they come along.

Don’t deny a future boyfriend a relationship because you waiting for your ex boyfriend to come back to you. You don’t have to let the new relationship get serious if you don’t want to, but don’t stop dating because you are waiting.

If your ex boyfriend has moved on with another girl then you can move on with another guy. This won’t ruin your chances with your ex boyfriend forever, it will instead allow him to see that you are a catch to other men, and this may create some needed jealousy from him that will allow him to see you for the great woman you are.

5. Keep desperation at bay.

You may find yourself really wanting your ex boyfriend back and lay your cards on the table for him to see, but if you do that then you are showing him that he has control over you and that you are really just waiting for him to take you back. This will not entice him to want you back, but instead further his interactions with other women because he knows he has you in his back pocket.

6. Keep the body language playful.

Body language will tell him an awful lot about how your thinking without the neediness that comes from telling him what you are thinking or acting desperate. Allow him to see you giving him little sly glances from the corner of your eye. You can also flirt by showing your neck or playing with your hair. Little gestures like this will show him that you are still interested but not necessarily available to him.

7.   Don’t let your history slip away.

Bring up old times with him, just make sure they are positive times! Focus on the good memories that you share and keep the two of you connected on that level. You will find that good memories have a way of playing into the present time. They can bring up feelings of happiness, desire, and passion that you thought were long gone.

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