Sometimes You Want to Keep it That Way!

Breakups are Hard But You Can Get Your Ex Back Into Your Life If You Want.

Trying to get your ex back into your life without scaring them away for good?   Most people don’t hang on to their exes unless they have a really good reason to do so. In fact, most people hate their exes and would rather run away from them then get back into a relationship with them.

This means that if you are someone who is looking to get your ex back in your life then you must have had a pretty decent relationship on some level. You must have been treated good and felt loved by your partner and you want to fix the silly mistakes that occurred and get everything back in order. There must be a chance your ex wants you back. Either that or you are obsessed with your ex.

If you are obsessed with your ex and think that life can not go on without them, and they treated your poorly in the relationship, give yourself some time to see that life can go on without them. Just a little time. If you don’t decide that your life will continue then you can get back on the train of trying to win back your ex. But chances are when your emotions are out of the way you will be able to see your ex clearly for what he or she was.

Even if you didn’t have a bad relationship it’s not a bad idea to give it some time. You need to remove the intense emotions that come with any breakup and see things more clearly – no matter whether you want your ex back or not.
The truth is that most of the time you CAN get your ex back if your relationship was not abusive to you or your partner. The chances of you getting back your ex if you were abusive or abused is very slim – and even then, why would you want to.

The first step you have to take to get back your ex is to figure out what happened for the breakup to occur. Again, this realization may only come when your raw breakup emotions are removed from the equation and you are able to see the breakup for what it really was.

Learn from the mistakes that caused the breakup. Fix them, work on them, conquer them – do whatever you have to do to make sure those mistakes don’t happen again.

Next confront your ex about the realizations that you have made and see if they have made any realizations of their own. Remember that they may not be ready to get back together yet. They may still be feeling the raw emotions of the breakup which can cause anger, jealousy, and other negative feelings. Don’t push the fact that you want to get back together, but instead talk about your relationship with no pressure of getting back together.

As soon as you put pressure on your ex you are more likely to scare them away from you. Nobody likes to feel pressured to feel something. So don’t add that pressure onto them.

Everything else when come naturally if you let it come naturally.

You have done what you can. You have realized the reasons for the breakup and corrected your end of the mistakes. You have talked to your partner and made it known that you understand what went wrong. You have not put any pressure on your ex and therefore you are letting things go as they  may, and usually they go in a good direction if you just let them take their own route.

As long as you are not acting off your emotions at this point you’ve got your ex back in your life. Enjoy this time and look forward to things to come.

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