If you were to ask a guy about what makes him attractive, he might give you a long list of details having to do with his hair, or his smile.  He might even talk about the kind of car he has, or a variety of other things that might make him attractive. A typical dating advice book for men might focus on materialistic things as ways to be attractive to women.

Then again, some guys might not have a clue as to what makes them attractive.

These are the same people who sit alone weekend after weekend, or maybe even day after day, trying to pick up women.  It makes sense that if a guy can’t figure out what makes him attractive, how in the world will he expect another person, such as a woman, to know what makes him attractive?  How can he make himself the object of her desires?

Many guys don’t know how to answer this question, and the producers of The Art Of The Pickup Guide had no clue either.  This is why they took it upon themselves to create a dating advice video to help guys just like them, who were striking out with women.

See, these guys know exactly what it is to go around in frustration week after week, night after night, and watching everyone else have luck with women while they were standing on the sidelines.  They know what it is to question themselves about what made them attractive, or if they weren’t attractive.  They know what it’s like to have to reach out for advice, because their way wasn’t working.  This is why they really urge guys who are having these problems to take advantage of their dating advice video, and learn techniques that will absolutely work.

A person might be curious about this video, and they’ll want to know if this will all work as the video promises?

First off, this video was made based off information that was collected from some of the world’s best pickup artist.  When it came to The Art Of The Pickup Guide, the producers of these videos went around the world to cities that were known for their nightlife, and for their young adult population.  They picked the minds of some of the best pickup artist who gave them secrets that they’d rather not share.  However, some of the world’s best secrets are shown in this video.  Not only this, but the video employs the use of actors who look just like any other guy, along with women that look just like any other woman.

There’s nothing intimidating about this video, and it’s humorous and informative.  So, if a person is looking for a video where they’re going to see people in situations that they found themselves and then they will be able to loosen up and learn where they’ve been going wrong.  They’ll learn what has been keeping them from being viewed as attractive, and they’ll also learn in this dating advice video how to be seen as magnetic.

The point of this video is to make a guy seem so magnetic and attractive, he’ll have more women beating down his door, and he won’t know what to do.  In this dating advice video called The Art Of The Pick Up, a guy will learn all of the techniques that he’ll need to know to accomplish his dating goals.

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