In our recently article “Find Soulmate – Inner Self” we discussed four things you can improve for your inner self: Your self-esteem, beliefs, energy and core. In this article we would like to delve a bit further into the first point: self-esteem.

Remember that to attract your soulmate it is important to have a stable, powerful and confident sense of self. Looking at it from the point of view of self-esteem one has to consider how you would react if you did meet your soulmate? Do you think you would be good enough for them? Do you think you could emotionally handle such an intense relationship?

Here are a couple of exercises you can do to help improve your sense of self worth, and as a result improve your inner self.

Exercise One – “I Like Myself”

The first thing you need to do is write up a list of things you would like to improve about yourself. These might be vices or flaws or simply small details you aren’t happy with. Begin the list with things that have nothing to do with your appearance – for example habits like procrastination or smoking. Towards the end of your list include things about your appearance – maybe fixing your teeth or getting a new haircut. Make sure they are things you can easily change and not permanent features – these are things that are part of you and you need to learn to love.

Then take off your clothes and stand in front of a mirror. Are you comfortable looking at yourself like this? Are you comfortable with a natural, primal you? Now take a deep breath and say to yourself “I like myself”. Take a brief second to think about this idea and really let it sink in. Then take a deep breath and say it one more time – “I like myself”. Do this 8 more times for a total of 10.

Once you’re done, see if you can make yourself smile, look at yourself and be happy with who you are. Now get your list of ‘things you would like to improve about yourself’ and start at the top and work your way down. Say to yourself “I like myself and that is why I am going to…” and say the thing you want to improve. But ALWAYS phrase it in a positive way, instead of “I like myself and that is why I am going to quit smoking” try to say “I like myself and that is why I am going to become a non-smoker”.

Once you’ve made it to the end of your list, look at yourself one last time and say “I like myself” and see if you feel better about yourself than you did when you started. See if you are more willing to work on those issues that have been nagging you about yourself. See if in general you have a better sense of self.

Exercise Two – The Statue

For this exercise you’re going to find a nice comfortable place to sit or lay down. Take a few minutes to simply relax, using the time to just be quiet. Now close your eyes and begin a visualisation. Start off with yourself in a dark room. As you look around the room notice that there is a light coming from somewhere. As you find the source of the light you notice that it is coming from a statue – the statue is glowing.
You are trying to make out what it is but it is glowing so brightly that it’s almost blinding. However the light is so warming and comforting that you feel like you have to look anyway.

As you look at it you realise that it is a statue of you. Look at how confidently and proudly the statue stands. Look at how well the statue is dressed and how comfortable it is in these clothes. As you get closer and closer to the statue you notice how tall it is – like the statue of liberty. As you get even closer you notice that it is made of pure gold and has a constant, warm glowing light coming off of it.

Now look around the room and notice how it is filled with people. How everyone you have ever known looks at the statue and is in awe of it’s warm glowing energy. It is filled with people from your past, present and future. Everyone you have ever known and will ever know. Feel how much positive energy you bring into peoples’ lives.

As you open your eyes from this visualisation feel yourself becoming this statue and feel yourself resonating its warm glowing energy. Whenever you need to feel more confident just visualise this room in your mind, visualise this giant golden glowing statue and see how good it makes you feel about yourself.
Rick Jackman – Spiritual Relationships Advisor

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