Germans are leaders in online dating According to the results of a recent study by the social network Badoo, it is above all the German internet users who make use of the online dating offer. 6,000 online dating users from Germany, the US and the UK were interviewed for the study. In total, 2,000 German Internet users were among the respondents.

Around a quarter had already agreed to date online While only 13 percent of English respondents said that they had already made an appointment for a date online, in the case of German users, at 24 percent, they are about ten percent more. In fact, as many as 35 percent of German interviewees said they would care for their networked friendships and acquaintances more than those outside the Internet.

Overall, around 13 percent also said that they would prefer contacting the Internet even the contact search in real life. Reasons for this are, among other things, that one feels in the case of contacting the

Internet much more confident and wins the impression, it would be much easier to make new friends online than offline.

However, ‘real’ friends are still the most important Nevertheless, the clear majority – at least 51 percent – of the German user interviewed stated that they would commonly call the networked acquaintances and friends found superficial. Also, their real friends in real life would be much more important to them. In the case of users from the UK, on ​​the other hand, only 26 percent said that they would prefer their real friends to acquaintances from the net. In the US, only about 20 percent of online dating site users are online.

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