Millions of people are registered on online dating sites. Millions more connect through social networking sites like Facebook. Although you may have become skillful at navigating the online world, have you mastered the art of online flirting?

You don’t want to give the wrong impression when you’re chatting online which is easy to do.  Since there’s no body language or visual cues you only have your words. So knowing what words can put you in your best light will help you not only make a great impression but can help increase your chances of meeting Mr. Right.

Here are the 5 Keys to Online Flirting:

1. Your Profile: It all starts with your profile. Whether you’re on a dating site or Facebook, it’s your introduction. Make sure it paints a picture of who you are right now. Keep out the negativity (your exes, bad relationship, financial problems). Answer any questions about yourself and your interests. Fill out any questionnaires that give information about you. Put up a great photo. Peak his interest. This is where the flirting begins, when he’s curious about who you are.

2. Be confident Feel good about yourself.

Your positive attitude comes through in your what you write. You want to have a positive outlook on life. That will bring life to your conversations. Eliminate negative self-talk. When you flirt you need to feel that talking to you will be the high point of his day. Whether it’s a short email response to someone on a dating site or chatting on Facebook, feel good about yourself while you’re doing it.

3. Compliment him:

If something in his profile caught your eye, mention it. If you like something about the way he looks, let him know. Be sincere. Men like genuine compliments as much as we do. Also be able to accept a compliment. If you’re not comfortable with people complimenting you, just say thank you.

4. Learn to Listen: I know you’re online.

But you need to listen to what he’s saying in what he writes. He’ll open up and talk about himself. But only if he thinks you’re interested. Don’t be critical about things he writes or try to outshine him with your accomplishments. If you want to get to know him ask questions to get him to open up.

5. Don’t Be Explicit or Obscene: It’s not sexy.

Flirting is about making him feel good. It’s not about sex. To create the right impression keep sex out of it. If he is the one talking about sex and that’s not what your looking for end the conversation. If you find that many of the men who connect with you are looking for sex, check your profile, make sure you’re not sending the wrong message.
Always let him know you’ve enjoyed chatting with him. Don’t push him into more. This is a skill and by practicing you can master the art of online flirting. Remember this can be the first step to a successful relationship. So have fun and good luck.

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