Women become clingy for different reasons but usually it has to do with the relationship we’ve has with our parents and our past romantic partners. This neediness can lead to your mate feeling frustrated and can lead to him ending your relationship. So that you can avoid a dating disaster, here are some tips to reduce the neediness factor in your relationship

Plan Your Together Time.

Do you know when you’ll see each other next or the next time you’ll talk? Not knowing can add to your anxiety about your relationship. Have regular planned time together. A regular time to call or text, a date night, a regular day trip. Both of you should make this time a priority. Having this planned time will give you something to look forward to and can keep you from clingy behavior.

Learn how to trust him.

Don’t think “what if?” when you’re apart. Don’t worry about what might happen if he sees a prettier woman, if he sees his ex or if he’s on the phone with a woman. The “what ifs?” can drive you crazy. What important is “what is?”. Constantly remind yourself what your relationship is and stop stressing what might happen. Deal with what you know, not what you imagine. If he’s given you reason to think there may be a reason not to trust him, then that’s something you both need to talk about.

Have a life of your own.

Before you started dating, you had friends, hobbies and things that you did with your friends. If you start centering every thing you do around him, then you’ll start to be dependent on him for your happiness. The only person what can make you happy is you. Keep up with your friends and your hobbies. You’ll be happier, have more to talk about, be more interesting and be less fixated on him.

Remember how great you are. Remember why he started dating you. You’re smart and beautiful and fun. Remember you’re an amazing woman. If you don’t believe this write it down, say it to yourself throughout the day. Go around people that make you feel good and do things that make you feel good. The better you feel about yourself the more attractive you are and the more he’ll remember how you were when you first met.

Tell him if there’s a reason you’re being clingy. If he’s doing things that make you feel like you don’t matter, it’s time for the two of you to talk. Most women become needy when they don’t feel secure in their relationship. Talk it out, find out id he just doesn’t realize how he’s making you feel or if he’s just not into you. If you tell him and he doesn’t want to work on improving your relationship, it’s time for you to leave.
If he’s willing to work on your relationship with you, theres a great article  I recently read on Askmen.com written by Sharalyn Hartwell about how to transform your needy, clingy girlfriend back into the cool chick she was when you first met that’s a great place for him to start.
Good luck!

I hope you’ve found this helpful. Leave a comment and tell me any ideas you have for women who think they may have become needy or if you’ve been able to use this to get back to your cool confident self.

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